Taashee Partners with RavenDB

Taashee Partners with RavenDB — World’s Fastest NoSQL Database

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2 min readDec 6, 2022

This week, Taashee Linux Services, one of the premier open-source technology companies in India, announced the launch of its strategic partnership with RavenDB, which is a NoSQL Document Database that addresses the needs of applications operating on the cloud, over multiple devices, and throughout the Internet of Things (IoT).

RavenDB was one of the first databases to be built especially for a distributed environment and is the first Document Database to offer high performance with Fully Transactional (ACID) Data Integrity. As a NoSQL database, RavenDB avoids the major drawbacks of its relational counterparts like full table scans due to queries without indexes, lack of support for native distribution, or SQL injection attacks. Being schema-less gives it the ability to store semi-structured or even unstructured data and the availability of X.509 certificate-based authentication and encryption at rest, makes it secure by default!

Taashee aims to leverage RavenDB’s unique features to provide an expanded options palette for its clients looking for niche functionalities in their customized database solutions. For example, RavenDB’s fully ACID, including Multi-Document and Cluster-Wide transactions capabilities are a major draw for organizations pursuing PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and CCPA-compliant data integrity in their databases. Native clustering options, and the ability to run on any system make RavenDB a boon for organizations looking for a highly scalable database. At the same time, its high performance (150,000+ writes and 1,000,000+ reads per second on commodity hardware) ensures that Taashee’s clients can even run their production applications on a simple Raspberry Pi setup!

However, the features that especially set RavenDB apart from other databases are its Auto Indexing and Full-text Search capabilities. Since Taashee caters to clients from various walks of business, we understand the need for a database that evolves to be more efficient based on industry-specific queries. RavenDB provides this capability, increasing performance by automatically creating, using, and updating indexes based on specific user-defined queries. Moreover, its inbuilt search function, which allows full-text search with suggestions, geospatial searching, result boosting, facets, and complex aggregations with Map/Reduce has become one of RavenDB’s primary USPs.

As our CTO and MD, Mr. Abhishek Datt puts it, “Taashee is very happy to announce partnering with RavenDB which is, at this point, the world’s fastest NoSQL database. Now our clients can have the liberty of creating schema-less data stores along with high-throughput transactional capabilities.”

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